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DDDD is an online platform that is exploring the methodology behind exhibition and distribution of artworks in the digital space. Distribution is not limited to buying and selling – it means the whole process that an artwork is exhibited, enjoyed, sold and archived on the internet. The platform comprises Online Exhibition, Collection, and Texts. Through the Online Exhibition we investigate how artworks that are anchored in non-physical ground are displayed and appreciated online. We archive past exhibitions on Collection and sell the displayed artworks in digital file formats. In the Texts we publish essays, reviews, and interviews by art professionals as well as by people working in adjacent sectors.


Berlin / Seoul

Graphic Design:
Gihong "Kiki" Park and Jens Schnitzler

Web Development:
Jens Schnitzler

Translation supervisor. YES MORE TRANSLATION (Yunjung Sun Kim, George Kafka)

Agipo by Radim Pesko
J직지고딕 by Jikjisoft

Arts Council Korea

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