Virus Simulator
Min Guhong Manufacturing
€ 5.00


Status Available
Price€ 5.00

Virus Simulator by Min Guhong Manufacturing is a web game in which users as a virus must infect all humans in order to achieve world peace. Specifically, the user needs to find and infect 5 weak human targets out of 10 humans to save the world. Virus Simulator humorously addresses the fear generated by such a virus as COVID-19 through a videogame format.

Min Guhong Manufacturing is a parasitic company which operates with a workroom as its host. It mainly focuses on releasing various types of products in the form of texts, websites, and graphic designs. In particular, most products are made using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some of these products include Welcome to Min Guhong Manufacturing (exe), time blank (otf), river(typography) (html), min guhong mfg.(html), and are currently for sale on Min Guhong Manufacturing website and in left.gallery. Min Guhong Manufacturing also participated in the COS flagship store’s exhibition in 2016 and the Rainbow Sherbet exhibit by Archive Bomm in 2018, and is planning to participate in the DDDD exhibition in September 2020.

The artist and DDDD reserve all rights regarding the sound source. Protected by copyright laws no part of this sound may be reproduced, transmitted or modified, regardless of the purpose of commercial use.

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