Circadian Rhythmz-Twitch while you twitch_for windows
Jenny Rodenhouse
€ 10.00

Video Game

Status Available
Price€ 10.00

Purchase includes the artwork as a video game file for windows.

Broadcasts that show video gamers falling asleep in front of the camera began as a sub-genre of livestreaming, and could be found on livestreaming video portals such as Twitch. The sleeping body exists and communicates with the audience through the channel. The video game Circadian Rhythmz: Twitch while you twitch, explores sleep patterns and gamified landscapes displayed on the screen. With the background of the streamer falling asleep, players constantly jump their character, named Hypnagogic Jerk, to escape from drooping eyelids. The game ends when the player falls asleep.

Videography: Lizzie Klein
Model: Chlo @deathbysanrio

The artist and DDDD reserve all rights regarding the sound source. Protected by copyright laws no part of this sound may be reproduced, transmitted or modified, regardless of the purpose of commercial use.

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