LIVE-ISH, EP3: Pairings
Jenny Rodenhouse
2020.07.07 – 2020.08.08

Jenny Rodenhouse, LIVE-ISH, EP3: Pairings, web publishing, 2019- ongoing

Since 2019, Jenny Rodenhouse has been producing LIVE-ISH that is a web-based digital publication dealing with continuous consumption of “livestyle” and designs of “experience.” Focusing on the influence of live stream media and 24/7 screen-based interfaces, she refers to lifestyles encompassing changing habits, spheres of actions, body rhythms, consumption patterns and cultural phenomena as “livestyle.” These live streaming projects include a wide range of content from games, shows, bodies, exhibitions, to events that are her design research on the ubiquity of screen-based user experience designs and “livestyle.”

Pairings is the third episode of LIVE-ISH that links the experience of social distancing, inevitable isolation, slowdown, shutdown, interfaces and cameras to new forms of intimate distance interconnected with "unlikelies."
Pairings is available live during the period of exhibition and consists of three projects and two guest-participation events.

EP3: Pairings
1-The World Federation of Sphere Detection Sports: game simulator
2-The House of Desktop Dining: digital restaurant
3-The Live Spin Cycles Sessions: a set of live performances
4-Guest writer Carolina Trigo: video/audio text
5-Guest designer Nan Tsai: live stream

-DESIGNER & RESEARCHER: Jenny Rodenhouse
-DESIGN & RESEARCH ASSISTANTS: Anthony Espino, Sizhe Huang, Keda Jiang, Nanyi Jiang, Soo Jin Lee, Ziru Ling, Siladityaa Sharma, Jingyi Wang
-WITH SUPPORT FROM: Snap Inc Research & Media Design Practices, ArtCenter College of Design

*Jenny Rodenhouse is an LA-based media artist, designer and researcher. She explores screen-based interfaces by dealing with technological media shared with nature, habitat and life. She is an assistant professor at the ArtCenter College of Design and director at The Immersion Lab. Her works have been shown at ETH Zurich, The Swiss Architecture Museum and The Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism, and her projects have been featured in The Guardian as well as Time Magazine.

**See Sungkuk Park's critique Seamless Society.

-Text by Hara Shin
-Translated by Kyoungtae Lee


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